22-23 August, 2017
Nairobi, Kenya

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Agenda – 2nd Annual Call Centre Africa Conference

Join call centre directors and managers from Etisalat (Nigeria), I&M Bank (Kenya), Stanbic Bank (Kenya), Barclays Africa Group Limited, Airtel Network (Kenya), UAP- Old Mutual Bank, Konga, and more to discuss your biggest challenges and debate best-practice methodologies to address various gaps so your organisation can evolve and adapt in order to survive and thrive in this digital age.



Download the agenda-at-a-glance now and get a quick glimpse into the topics and sessions to be covered during the event to find out what’s in store for you.

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Delegate Registration Form

Want to fast-track your registration? It's easy - all you need to do is download the registration form, fill in your details and send it to enquiry@iqpc.ae for immediate confirmation.


Infographic - Changing Landscape of Contact Centres in Africa

The African contact centre market is rapidly growing larger and more sophisticated as it moves to serve an exploding domestic market of digitally empowered consumers, while also catering to the diverse needs of the global BPO industry. Download this infographic to understand the top challenges affecting the African CC industry's progress, as well as the key solutions and technological means of securing their digitised future.


The improving state of contact centres in Africa: Interview by Hilario Fiandeiro

Download this interview with Hilario Fiandeiro, an ICCCA expert Call Centre & Customer Experience Consultant & Trainer, to understand the rapidly evolving potential of the African call centre industry. Discover the top challenges currently affecting the industry as well as the key technologies and methodologies that Hilario recommends for contact centres trying to distinguish themselves from the competition.


The next big system in the African contact centre space: The Cloud

Download the presentation by Alex Mbaka, Head of Quality and Compliance Management, Barclays Bank. It highlights:

  • Cloud maturity in Africa: Initiatives over the past 3 years 
  • Best practices for could collaboration: The future of cloud, barriers to cloud adoption and security 
  • What is BPaaS? 
  • World BPO market competitiveness 
  • Opportunities for business in Africa 
  • Reason for attractiveness: Connectivity


State of the Market Report: Contact Centres in Kenya

Africa's contact centre industry is undergoing rapid growth as well as significant change as the region is poised to become a centre of ICT and BPO excellence within a matter of years. Download this report to gain insight into the key factors that make Africa (with particular emphasis on Kenya) suitable for contact centre expansion and evolution. Also highlighted are the chief challenges that the industry needs to understand and overcome.


Speaker Testimonials - Call Centre Conference Africa 2016

View this video to see what some of the speakers had to say about the launch of Call Centre Conference organized in Kenya in August 2016.